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Accessibility matters: Disability and Inclusion

Accessibility matters: Disability and Inclusion

Y Inclusion Services places accessibility at the heart of our service goals, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in community life.

Our NDIS 1:1 Community Support services actively assist people with a disability in accessing community programs and enjoying a lifestyle that suits them. With the aid of a disability support worker, individuals can participate in various community activities and experiences, such as local walks, visiting parks, shopping, going to the movies, or enjoying lunch at a cafe.

In addition to Community Support, we offer regular NDIS Social Support Programs that participants can attend with their support worker. Based on client feedback and interests, the group activities vary from attending sporting events, pamper days, movies, bowling, day trips to various locations in Victoria, theatre shows, music festivals, and much more! These community access-based services and social groups are at the heart of our mission to improve community inclusion for people with disabilities.

Our service goals include:

  • Connecting with the local community.
  • Developing the knowledge and skills to travel independently on public transport.
  • Learning and developing communication skills.
  • Accessing a wide range of community activities.
  • Focusing on wellbeing and health.
  • Participating in group recreational activities that may be unfamiliar.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships and socializing with peers and community members.
  • Engaging in volunteer work or education.
  • Having the opportunity, and being supported, to attend allied health supports and services.

Enhancing Accessibility for greater Inclusion

Along with the Y programs which assist people with a disability to access the wider community, public attractions and services are continually improving to become more accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate and feel welcomed. Here are some ways they are achieving this:

  • Physical Access: Ensuring spaces are navigable for people using a wheelchair or mobility scooter and their companions, carers, or assistance animals.
  • Mobility Aids: Providing options for hire.
  • Transport Accessibility: Offering options that suit those who drive or use public transport.
  • Sensory Accessibility: Creating environments that are comfortable for individuals with sensory sensitivities.
  • Deaf Access: Providing guides, hearing loops, Auslan tours, and captioned videos.
  • Blind and Low Vision Access: Offering guides, audio descriptions, and braille signage.
  • Sensory Guides and Maps: Providing social stories, low sensory sessions, and quiet times.
  • Non-English Speaker Access: Offering information in different languages through signage, online platforms, and apps

Access your Inclusive Community

At The Y, we believe that true community inclusion is only possible when accessibility is prioritised. Whether it’s through our Community Support services or our diverse Social Groups, we strive to create opportunities for people with disabilities to connect, learn, and thrive. Accessibility is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental aspect of building a vibrant, inclusive community.

Take the next step towards accessing your inclusive community:

Together, we can make accessibility a cornerstone of community inclusion and empower everyone to thrive.

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