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Early Years Engagement Support (EYES)

The Early Years Engagement Support (EYES) program helps children and families from our children’s services, who may be eligible to receive early intervention or support, into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
Working with families and agencies, we provide a holistic approach to the education and care of children and deliver tailored inclusion support plans. We provide educators and families with strategies for meeting each child’s needs.
We inform and guide you, and act as the conduit for agencies, community services and families. In doing so we aim to reduce acceptance times into the NDIS and for approval of the initial NDIS plan.
We also bridge the gap between agencies, services, families and educators to create supportive learning environments that meet each child’s needs.

How we can support you

    • Provide positive behaviour guidance strategies to you and educators if your child has additional needs and challenging behaviours.
    • Help you establish collaborative relationships with community service organisations.
    • Provide support for educational programs for your child with additional needs or challenging behaviours.
    • Support you and educators to provide an inclusive learning environment.
    • Help you understand the NDIS and its support packages.
    • Help you navigate the NDIS’s processes.
    • Identify services that meet your needs. 
    • Guide and support you with accessing external support agencies.
    • Help coordinate health and medical connections to support NDIS eligibility.
    • Help with resolving issues with getting accepted into the NDIS.
    • Connect you, if eligible, to our NDIS Support Coordination team.
    • Help you redevelop your goals before an NDIS plan review.

Program goals

For our families and their children

    • Support and connect families with children that may be eligible to receive early intervention or NDIS support.
    • Help families understand the NDIS.
    • Connect families with external agencies providing further support.
    • Apply best practice principles and innovative thinking to meet each child’s needs.
    • Deliver tailored inclusion support plans.

For our educators and early learning services

    • Develop, implement and monitor the progress of inclusion support plans for children.
    • Apply for, and manage funding for inclusion support in services.
    • Guide educators with training and help source resources.
    • Deliver supportive inclusion support to services, families and children.
    • Connect educators and services with external agencies.
    • Build productive partnerships with internal and external support agencies.


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