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Our VALID experience

Our VALID experience

Our VALID experience

We are absolutely delighted to share with you our inspiring experiences from the recent VALID Conference. This event stands as a testament to resilience, creativity, and the determination of all individuals with a disability to be part of such a unique and empowering community.

Hosted in Geelong, the ‘Having a Say’ conference is the largest conference for people with disabilities within Australia where people can find their voice, to speak up, to be heard and to be respected. This is the conference where people listen to each other, not just to the speakers on stage. Where people respect each other’s views and opinions, and celebrate their common cause. The aim of the conference is to empower people with a disability with the opportunity to ‘have a say’ about issues that affect their lives and to celebrate ability and achievement.

Participants at the VALID conference heard from speaker Bruce Bonyhady, who was the co-chair of the NDIS review. Bruce spoke about the top ten recommendations of the NDIS review of which there are 26 recommendations in total. They enjoyed listening to how the review recommendations will make the NDIS better for them.

There were countless memorable moments throughout our two days at the conference, but a standout was the recognition of one of our participants, Katrina. Her artwork was displayed at the conference and even featured on our social media channels. This acknowledgment filled her with joy and pride, showcasing that her creativity truly knows no bounds!

Katrina’s mother, Fiona, shared with us that Katrina had a wonderful time at the conference. We are incredibly grateful for these kind words and overjoyed to know that Katrina cherished her time there. Seeing the growth and joy that these experiences bring to our participants has been an absolute pleasure.

The conference served as a fantastic opportunity for participants to meet others, stay informed about developments for people with disabilities, and most importantly, have their voices heard. It was a powerful chance to be part of positive change within the community.

One of the highlights was the interaction between participants and emergency services in a calm environment. Initially, some participants had negative experiences with emergency services and found it challenging to be around them. However, by the last day, they comfortably approached them, asked questions, and provided valuable feedback on how their experiences could be improved.

Participants also courageously shared their experiences in front of large crowds. Each speaker was applauded for expressing their thoughts, leaving them feeling truly empowered. It’s experiences like these that make the VALID Disability Conference such a remarkable event.

We eagerly look forward to the next conference and the remarkable achievements that our amazing participants will accomplish.

Kate, Camping Coordinator – Inclusion Services

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