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Parenting Children with ADHD: A Podcast

Podcast: Parenting children with ADHD

Parenting Children with ADHD: A Podcast

Parental As Anything is an ABC podcast about all things parenting, touching on mental health, disability, sex and consent, tantrums and loads more!

The podcast is presented by Maggie Dent, one of Australia’s most reputable authors and educators. Dent is an advocate for kids and parents alike and is known for her practical approach to parenting for real-world parenting dilemmas.

Talking to parenting experts from around the world, Dent discusses proven and practical solutions to everyday parenting challenges along with valuable tips that will make you the best parent you can be.

EPISODE: Parenting Children with ADHD

Is your child fidgety, impulsive or finds it hard to stay focused? Have you ever found yourself asking ‘do they have ADHD?’ or ‘what exactly is ADHD?’

Special education teacher Christina Keeble works with children who have ADHD — and she’s a neurodivergent mother to two kids with ADHD. She talks to Maggie Dent about how we can turn their symptoms into superpowers.


(ABC) Parental As Anything – ABC Radio

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