A project for Neurodiverse young people in Whittlesea

Micro-credential in co-design: A project for Neurodiverse young people in Whittlesea

What is the project?

This is a research project to support you as a Neurodiverse young person (aged between 16 – 24 years) to identify and build your skills and abilities to work with others, like working in a group or a team. This is Co-design.

Why is the project happening?

This project aims to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in communication and working in a team to further assist your transition into employment in the future. We will also be working together to influence how employers understand your needs and recognize you as a valuable employee.

What are some good things for you about being part of the project?

  • You will receive a Micro-credential in Co-design for Diversity and Inclusion. This is a digital ‘mini-qualification’ that provides evidence that you can work well with others to achieve a shared goal.
  • You will receive up to *$1000 for your participation in recognition of
    your hard work.
  • You will contribute to important research and information that can be
    used to support more young Neurodiverse people in the future.

Who is running the project?
This project is being is being facilitated by representatives from RMIT University and the Hume Whittlesea Local Learning and Employment Network (HWLLEN). Along with other community partners including Y Whittlesea.

How do you find out more and become involved in the project?

You can find out more by clicking the button below or let your support worker know and they will provide you with more details about the project.

If you want to be part of the project, please complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you to support you in completing the Participants Information Sheet and Consent Form.

If some things in the form are not very clear, please ask your support worker to explain. We want you to feel confident about asking questions and agreeing to be part of the project.

How can I apply?

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you regarding the project.