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Meet Edward

A man enjoying doing exercises on the floor

Meet Edward

Edward is a new participant to our Inclusion camps. In August, he joined us for our Mount Evelyn camp and displayed courtesy and respect for everyone around him – earning him a reputation as a true gentleman! Some of the younger participants even gravitated towards his kind personality.

As the day came to an end, Edward taught us how to wind down before bed. He showed us some of his pre bed stretches and breathing exercises, as well as explaining the benefits a hot tea can have for a good night’s sleep.

Edward is a natural story-teller who loves having a chat about his week and what he has planned for the following week. He is also happy to be around to encourage his peers as they try new activities and challenges.

Edward is especially gifted at archery. He channeled his inner Robin Hood and didn’t miss the board once!

Edward is another one of our Saturday night groovers, showing off an incredible dance routine to Uptown Funk that had the staff and participants cheering for more!

We really enjoyed having Edward join us and look forward to having him on many more camps in the future!

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